Swiss Chard, Sweet Corn, & Tortellini

Every once in a while a dish comes along that is to good to be true.  I know food is very subjective and this dish is a prime example of that.  It is different things to different people.  I like it because it is very easy to get to the table and even though it is easy it feels sophisticated, the chard, corn and tortellini work well together.  For others it might simply be to simple.  Different people’s palates might crave more complexity, something like brown butter and basil leaves to elevate the flavors a smidge.   A cup of cream could be added, gruyere cheese, then bake the pasta dish in a gratin.  It would be a rich celebratory food not meant as an everyday meal but something to eat on occasion.  No matter what you choose to do, it will be delicious. Continue reading “Swiss Chard, Sweet Corn, & Tortellini”

Bacon Wrapped Barbecue Meatloaf

While this may look complicated it doesn’t take long to put this together.  If you don’t want to use veal use buffalo, or just double the beef.  It is up to you.  Make sure you can maintain the grill at around 300-350˚ F.  If you can do that the rest is a cinch.  And if you don’t want to be bothered or it is raining the oven is just fine too, but you knew that already didn’t you. Continue reading “Bacon Wrapped Barbecue Meatloaf”

The French 75, It’s Not For Kids

DSC_1459-EditThere are certain advantages to being an adult.  The one that readily comes to mind—I don’t have a predetermined bedtime.  It doesn’t mean I won’t be asleep before the kids but if I wanted too, I could for all intensive purposes stay up all hours of the night.  Neither do I have to eat vegetables if I so choose.  Nor am I beholden to any house hold rules.  I can cuss loudly if I want. Continue reading “The French 75, It’s Not For Kids”

A Simple Smoothie

DSC_0444“Last night I had a glass of wine. Not so much to celebrate the new year but more to bury the last, there have been better years.”  This is what I had to say on New Year’s Day.  I am still mulling over my words.

As is my usual, I didn’t make a resolution.  I am more likely to sit in a chair and assess last year rather then try to change the new one.  Assess I did, and of all the good things that happened, and good things did happen, I made a conscious decision in October of 2013 to become physically fit. Continue reading “A Simple Smoothie”

Dinner Rolls and a Bonus Southern White Loaf

I have been, and will continue to be a believer in simple good recipes that follow great technique.  I often feel as though complicated directions and hard to find ingredients set us up for disappointment and failure. Don’t get me wrong.  I understand the law of diminishing return.  That today’s worlds best recipe will be boring tomorrow. Continue reading “Dinner Rolls and a Bonus Southern White Loaf”

Let’s Talk Turkey

Hen and Tom Broad Breasted Bronze As with anything in cooking there are many ways to cook a turkey. It is only limited by your imagination. Beer can, the Louisiana Turducken, deep fried, you name it and someone has attempted it, some with better results then others. Simply put, I am from the midwest. When it comes to the holidays I want to know what I am getting into. On the holidays I don’t like change, I am good with tradition and see no need to break with it. Continue reading “Let’s Talk Turkey”

Farmhouse Chops in Wing Sauce


We love our wings in the Midwest but until I made wing sauce, equal parts real butter to hot sauce, I hadn’t had wing sauce. Sadly, and I know it is about cost, I doubt a single wing shop uses real butter in their sauce anymore. The good thing is you can have the real deal, easily, and without having to buy a pre-made version that is less then stellar. Continue reading “Farmhouse Chops in Wing Sauce”

Shrimp and Okra Stew

Some lucky people grew up eating okra; there are even families with rich okra histories that they pass on from generation to generation. I am not one of those lucky people.

I came late to okra — or at least my love for it did. Since I didn’t come from a family of okra-eaters, I always remained skeptical of the vegetable. My relationship with it was like that of boys and girls at an elementary school dance: standing at opposite corners of the room. It’s not that I didn’t like okra — it was that I had no idea what to do with it. I preferred to stay in my comfort zone and stick to eating green beans. Continue reading “Shrimp and Okra Stew”